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  • I was referred to ABAPC INC in 2014. At that time, I was unhappy with the services provided by my accountant. After scheduling an appointment with Michael and Jeff I realized how much more knowledgeable they were compared to what I had experienced prior. The services ABAPC INC provides are outstanding! They answer all of my questions (no matter how small) quickly and thoroughly and make me feel very comfortable so I can do what I do best which is running and growing my business. What I find most valuable working with ABAPC INC is the they are approachable. I call them early in the morning and late at night (because of my surgery schedule) and they always take my call. ( I can feel the smile through the phone!) In the short time I have been working with ABAPC INC, I feel that we have become friends as opposed to a strict business relationship. I have gotten to know and trust them completely. I put a great deal of value in the relationship I have with ABAPC INC.

    Steve O.
    Business Owner
    Burlington CT

  • I found ABAPC INC 1 week before leaving the country for a humanitarian aid trip in Africa. I was a business owner of almost 9 years, a month shy of my 27th birthday and was in about $50,000 worth of debt to the IRS. I knew I had a problem and felt out of control with my business and therefore my life- but I had no idea where to even start picking up the pieces. A friend suggested I meet with Michael before my trip- and although I protested due to packing trip- I ended up going in for a consultation the day before flying out.

    When I returned home from Africa there was an unexpected warrant on my door of my house for unpaid taxes. In the past, I would have broken down crying and panicking. But a greater being was looking out for me by sending me to meet with Michael before my trip- because I knew I had already started a relationship with this firm and immediately was able to call them when I got the warrant. They were on the phone with me within seconds- calling the government and arranging a plan- but also giving me emotional support. For the first time I had trusted professionals telling me it was okay. We could do this. It would all be okay.

    They spent the next 3 months (and some long overnights in their office!) sorting through my messy paperwork and helping me fix my broken financial past- and helping me plan for the future. I was a client who walked in the door with terror, anxiety, and most importantly immense shame about my poor management of my business finances- but I walked out with a new lease on life.

    I often tell people that Michael and Susan were like guardian angels to me- as sappy as that sounds. Something that only seemed to snowball worse and worse with each year was resolved because of them. For the first time in almost a decade of running my business as a young business owner- I don’t feel alone. I know I have a team, almost a family, of people supporting me in the financial arena. I could not be more grateful for all they have done for me.

    Erin B

  • I was a working single parent and for years I tried to manage my finances on my own. I did my own taxes, saved what I could, and tried to pay off credit card debt, but despite my best efforts, I wasn’t getting ahead. After I bought a condo I started having my taxes done by one of the national companies, and tried two financial advisors, but still my financial situation was a mess and caused me considerable stress and unhappiness. When I turned 65 I decided I needed help and picked up the phone book to find an accountant in my area. I liked ABAPC’s website and decided to try them. From the very first day I met Mike, Jeff, and Steve, I knew I had done the right thing. Even though my portfolio was small, they treated me with respect, and said they were there to help me develop a plan for the future. Every interaction with the people from ABAPC has been positive. This year they did my taxes and charged less that that national company had done! I highly recommend ABAPC and urge anyone with financial problems to contact them – don’t wait as long as I did to get top-notch financial advice and assistance.

    Kate G
    Branford, CT

  • My name is Harry; I’m from the New Haven area as well as a contractor. I had very limited experience about taxes and accounting. Needless to say, when I met the team at ABAPC INC I was behind $52k in taxes to the IRS. I was ashamed and embarrassed, about the whole ordeal. My initial contact to the ABAPC INC team was from a reference from a friend. They were initially able to get my debt to about $25k and also get me on a payment plan. For the next few years I was able to stay current with my taxes because of the help of the ABAPC INC team. They took me step by step through the process at the same time giving me a wealth of information about accounting. My first impression of the team was that they were not judgmental, which was a big plus for me. Like every good story the ending is the best. I’m happy to tell you I was granted an offer in compromise in December 2013. My bill was still at $23k and they settled for $1200. Just today I sent out the final check for the balance due. I can never express the relief I feel being totally current with the IRS. With the ABAPC INC team behind me I have no worries of ever being in debt to the IRS again. My experience with the AABAPC INC team was pleasant they are 100% on top of everything. They always found time to be on the phone with me and keep me up to date with every progress. I want to give a special thanks to Stephan Fowler, who has put a lot of work into my case; I could tell that he cared. I want to thank Mike Green, for keeping me current on all my taxes as well of spending the time to teach me a little about accounting. Last but not least I would like to thank Susan Green, you were so helpful in making this whole process as smooth as it could be and for calling me back each and every time I called you that you were not at your desk. Since we both know I called plenty of times, thanks for your patience.

    New Haven, CT

  • Mike’s experience and professionalism affords him a unique insight into matters of personal finance and life planning – a topic of great interest for all! Mike and his team had been encouraging us for a couple of years to have a “Plan” for each other and our children. I was a hard sell. My husband was on board from the beginning. With the help of my husband, they finally convinced me how important life planning is. I was on the fence for a while and something just clicked. My husband and I decided that we needed to have life insurance for ourselves and our children. I strongly dislike thinking about death and the inevitable, but I needed to put my selfishness aside and think of our children. I needed to know that they would be financially taken care of in the event of an untimely tragedy. The irony of the whole situation was the evening before we were scheduled to sign all the documents, my childhood friend was tragically killed in an automobile accident, leaving her 9 year old daughter. This tragedy just reinforced the absolute necessity of having a plan in place. Mike Green and his very competent team are wonderful at making this unhappy experience a smooth transaction. Mike knew how difficult it was for me to finally “take the plunge” and he was available for all my questions and concerns. Take the time to meet with Mike and his team, you won’t be disappointed!!!

    Deb F
    Hamden, CT

  • ABAPC INC came highly recommended by a friend that had a similar IRS/tax issues. When I arrived at their office, I felt overwhelmed and nervous. As a single mother with four children I had no idea how I would be able to handle a large IRS dept. Mike and his team immediately took charge of the situation and handled in completely. I no longer had to deal with the IRS…. that was now ABAPC INC’s job! After a few short months, my IRS issues were solved and a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    But it didn’t stop there. Mike took a long, hard look at my whole financial and personal picture and pointed out some key areas of concern. A lack of sufficient life insurance coverage and no real “plan” for my special needs child topped this list. Mike’s ability to think outside the box has provided some fabulous ideas which will guarantee the success of my special needs child. We continue to work closely together to ensure that not only myself, but my children, will be secure in the future.

    I believe the highest form of praise is recommendation. It’s easy to recommend Mike and his team. Their professionalism, courtesy and knowledge are unmatched. I’ve since sent several people their way who are all thankful for their expertise and are also singing their praises! I initially went in to see Mike the Accountant, but ended up with Mike the “life planner”. I couldn’t be happier and definitely couldn’t have been in better hands!

    Linda K
    Milford, CT

  • We met Mike Green through Jeff Arendholz who has prepared our taxes for many years. Jeff was recommended to Dave by fellow railroad employees who had worked with Jeff on Amtrak. Because of personal experience with older family members and friends, we had made an inquiry about long term care insurance for ourselves. We set up an appointment and Mike took the time to explain the New York Life program options to us, along with the background of that company and the reasons why it can stand behind what it offers.

    It must be mentioned here that Mike is a personable and patient guy; no pressure, no “hurry up and finish and on to the next client.” He takes his time, is very clear, organized and will go over things a number of times to make sure we understand everything we need to know about our policy, in addition to things we ask about just for curiosity’s sake.

    Mike helped us determine our long term care policy needs and put in our application. Dave’s policy was easy, but due to my particular health issues, mine hit a snag. Not to worry: Mike kept working on it and in what seemed like no time at all, he got my policy application approved with New York Life.

    Mike wears many hats and was willing to advise us on how to proceed with managing our finances for the long term. In working with him we’ve gotten a much better overview of our pensions and retirement funds in how and when to make them work to our benefit. He presents options and goes over the advantages and disadvantages of each. We are truly satisfied with our Long Term Care Policy as well as our on-going working relationship with Mike regarding our investments.

    “Have a plan!” This seems to be Mike’s motto. In general conversation Mike has expressed time and again that this is what most folks are lacking but what everyone needs to make their financial futures as secure as possible. We can’t agree more and we feel secure with the professional input we have received and will continue to do so, working with Mike in the future.

    Dita Varleta & Dave McDonald
    Branford, CT

  • Mike has a unique combination of skills that I’ve found invaluable on a number of levels, for the different services for which I’ve consulted him:

    As a business owner—he understands the importance of thinking out of the box to stay competitive in a challenged economy.

    As a parent with a child applying to college—he’s given me expert advice on how to navigate through the maze of college applications and forms, with an insider’s experience that’s enabled my daughter to get into the college of her choice and still save the most on tuition.

    As a taxpayer—he and his firm provide excellent professional accounting services that have been proven valuable for my personal and business returns and investments.

    Andy Gundell

  • I have had tax problems for many years and have hired many different CPA and Accounting firms to try and solve my tax problems. All of whom did not help me and numerous tax firms have burnt me in one way or another. I was referred by a friend to hire ABAPC INC to solve my tax problems. To this day ABAPC INC has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me. They’re a compassionate, good company that has resolved all my tax problems and I don’t know what I would have done without them.

    Susan Anderson
    Lyme, Connecticut

  • ABAPC INC came highly recommended by a coworker. I was impressed by their willingness to help us and their understanding of how important it was to us. By helping us the way they did, ABAPC INC has put us on a much better financial path. The burden we had with the IRS really put a damper on our lifestyle, health and well-being and ABAPC INC changed that for us! Thank you!

    Cindy & Mike T.
    Seymour, CT

  • My first contact with ABAPC was back in January, 2016. I was looking for a new
    accountant and had a list of names from my online research. My first call was to
    ABAPC INC. After speaking with Susan Green, my search
    was over. Susan’s warmth, friendliness, and genuine interest in me, as a potential
    client, was what initially led me to this firm. After meeting Mike, I knew that I had
    made an excellent choice. As a homeowner and small business owner, I needed a
    tax consultant who would be able to help me balance my home-business and my
    home. Mike had the knowledge, experience, and creativity I was looking for!
    Mike and Susan are very professional, yet they make you feel that you are their
    most important client. All questions are important and answered fully. I think
    one of the most important benefits of working with Mike and Susan is peace of
    mind. I know my return is done properly and in my best interest. It is without
    reservation that I recommend their services.

    Susan B. Sandar

  • Once again I am grateful to ABAPC INC for providing exemplary advice and direction covering an increasingly wide array of matters. ABAPC INC is the paradigm of A+ client service!

    Alec S.
    Westport, CT